Upholstery Ideas

How do you update your living room, bedroom or dining room without spending a fortune or replacing your furniture? Kids and pets are hard on upholstered furniture and do you want to wait til they leave home to give your home a new fresh look?

Cost effective fixes such as reupholstering your couch or your favourite chair, adding a beautiful designer fabric toss pillow, seat cushion or maybe a new head board for your bed could be just what is needed. This is a guaranteed way to change the flavour of your room.

Consider all the new, fabulous, designer fabrics like embroidered tapestry upholstery and drapery fabrics or designer silks in luscious colours and patterns. Consider Pure Silk Damask, Mohair Velvet Upholstery Fabric, 100% Silk Upholstery or Drapery Fabric, Silk and Linen Velvet, Designers Guild Style Morocco Tapestry, Lacy Creamy Ivory Sheers Drapery Fabric, or Mohair Upholstery Fabric.

Is your imagination fired?

Upholstery is much, much more than just fabric. When you bring your couch or chair in for a face lift there are several component parts that are looked at such as the frame. The frame could be constructed out of wood such as oak or alder, metal, plastic or other types of materials. The bracing and blocking of joints will be looked at and reinforced by doweling or blocking; nails, screws, and tacks will all be replaced as necessary.

There is also the three types of support systems that may need to be repaired or supported such as a solid support system which would be typical in a dining room chair; the tension support system which is a form of interwoven webbing which also can be found in dining room chairs and then the spring support system found usually in couches and easy chairs.

When the frame and support systems have been looked at the next component would be the cushions and padding which are usually made of high density foam wrapped in a variety of materials such as polyester, feathers or down substitute. In years gone past horsehair and hay were used as cushioning or padding. Yikes! Another interesting filling are buckwheat hulls which are durable and are hypoallergenic.

Then come all the luscious designer upholstery fabrics which will make your room sing and could be the focal point you are looking for.

Bed headboards can be amazing works of art and a central point in your bedroom from something rather simple, fresh and stylish to something tailored and hip and all points in between. Do you imagine purples in exotic fabric or leather with metal studs or maybe something whimsical for your child?

Talk to Linda who specializes in interior home design and can help you realize your vision.