Drapery is a wonderful way to dress your windows and add personality. Functional or decorative, drapery will add warmth to any interior.

Roman Shades

Roman shades give a nice tailored look to any window, and they do not hide your window trims. Anything from sheer to room- darkening fabrics may be used for these shades.


Valances are a great way to add visual interest and height. Or, to simply hide blinds when they are not in use.


Drapery offers a wide choice of fabrics, making them easier to treat as one of the last elements to be chosen. However, they are a critical part of the look.

Choosing a fabric that matches the room treatment, rather than buying a ready-made drapery, allows you to make cushions and chair coverings that coordinate, using the same material. When you use custom-made draperies, the lining coordinates from one room to the next so that there’s a continuous look from the outside of your home. Custom draperies can be more costly than ready-mades.

Most designers advocate having draperies custom-made to have the best look possible, and to have the maximum flexibility to achieve that look. With ready-made drapery, you’re limited in sizing and choice. Many homes have different ceiling heights— 9 or 10-ft ceilings are more popular than ever. Ready-made draperies tend not to be long enough. Often, they are not as full, use more middle-of-the-road fabrics, and may not be lined.

Windows are the most important part of a room treatment. For instance, if you want to emphasize or make a window look larger, drapery that hangs past the window on a track or rod will work. You can de-emphasize a window by choosing a fabric that blends with the wall colour. And, hanging draperies closer to the ceiling can visually make the ceiling appear to be higher.

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