Shutters make a bold statement, giving a clean & finished look to any window. A variety of blade sizes, and shades of white to stain  finishes are available. We can provide custom colours as well.

Palm Beach Shutters

Constructed from a UV resistant polysatin compound, polysatin shutters are guaranteed never to warp, fade, chip or peel, regardless of extreme heat or moist conditions. Offered in a range of popular whites, they are designed for the ultimate in durability and easy care.

Wood Shutters

A good architect always builds light into his plans. For centuries, this was done with wood shutters. Now, hardwood shutters recapture that time honored technique, using real wood and the construction principles of fine furniture.

Made of 100 percent real wood, shutters add charm, natural beauty, durability and security for your home. The finish is smooth to the touch and beautiful to the eye. Every shutter is crafted for superior strength and performance.

Blinds, Shutters, Drapery, Shades, Motorized Systems, Bedding, Headboards and more; all in a wide variety of fabrics and materials.