Shades & Sheers

“Shades offer diffused light and a continuous level of privacy for your home. From sheer to room-darkening fabrics, shades create softness in your interior.”

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Beautifully designed front and back without gathers, cords, or grommets, Vignette Modern Roman Shades are distinctively elegant. They are  precision-engineered with no exposed cords on the backside for a clean, uncluttered appearance and enhanced child safety. Vignette® Modern Roman Shades offer fresh, contemporary fabrics and colours in a selection of fold sizes, styles, and opacity options. Shades roll up or stack; and innovative lifting systems and design options make it possible to cover almost any window imaginable.

Brillance® Pleated Shades

Brillance® pleated shades features crisp, pleated fabrics in an extensive selection of colours, styles, and textures that are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. Choose from various hardware systems and low-profile rails to keep stacking heights to a minimum. Most fabrics can be ordered with room-darkening or privacy backings.

Honeycomb Shades

With a wide array of fabrics, pleat sizes, colours, and textures, Duette® honeycomb shades enhance any décor. Our newest innovation, the Architella® Collection, offers luminous colours and true, crisp pleats. The state-of-the-art patented design with three distinct air pockets provides the industry’s highest engery-efficiency rating.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Marrying the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies, Luminette® Privacy Sheers feature translucent fabric facings and vanes that rotate for infinite degrees of light control and privacy. Ideal for entire walls of windows or French doors.

Nantucket™ Shades

Featuring fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings, Nantucket™ window shades transform natural light entering a room into a warm glow while also blocking harmful UV rays. When raised, the shades disappear into the headrail for an unobstructed view. They are available in a wide selection of casual fabrics.

Pirouette® Window Shadings

Uniquely designed with soft, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, Pirouette® window shadings control light in an entirely new way. Gently pull on the operating cord and the fabric vanes expand, beautifully filtering the natural light. Pull again and the vanes contract, providing a clear outside view.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Provenance® Woven wood shades add a warm, rich dimension to any room, whether they’re hanging flat in the fully lowered position or raised, creating even, overlapping folds. Provenance® shades are created from natural woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses, and will age beautifully in your home.

Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades offer a diverse range of custom fabrics, including Traditional, Natural and Soft. Traditional fabrics features a classic look; Natural fabrics showcase elements typically found in woven woods; and Soft fabrics offer elegant textures. They are available in a variety of lifting systems and design options.

Silhouette® Shades

Featuring the Signature S-Vane, Silhouette® window shadings transform sunlight into remarkable beauty. Suspended between two sheers, the fabric vanes offer precise lighting control. When fully raised, Silhouette shades disappear into the fabric-covered headrail.

PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology

This proprietary motorized lifting system for window shades and shadings combines both line-of-sight (using infrared technology) and out-of-sight control (using radio frequency technology) of your window coverings. To raise or lower individual window treatments, simply point the remote at the receiver eye (either built into the headrail or on a satellite eye) and press the UP or DOWN button to operate the window covering. Or, select a group (or groups) of window coverings to move together, even in multiple rooms.

Now available with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Duolite™ design options, providing:

  • Maximum light control and privacy with the convenience of motorization.
  • Sequential motor function drives one rail at a time for easy-to-understand operation.
  • Available on all honeycomb fabrics and opacities.

The PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology battery-powered system is our easiest-to-install motorization option. No additional wiring is required.

PowerGlide® with Platinum™ Technology

This proprietary motorized lifting system combines both line-of-sight (using infrared technology) and out-of-sight control (using radio frequency technology) of your Hunter Douglas window coverings. 

Our PowerGlide® motorized lifting system allows you to open and close the sheers and rotate the fabric vanes of your Luminette® Privacy Sheers or Alustra® Luminette Privacy Sheers. To use the point-and-press method, simply point the remote at the satellite eye and press the UP or DOWN button. Or select a group (or groups) of window coverings to move together, even in multiple rooms. Simple wiring of the included parts is required at installation.

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